Create a plot bubble map through tmap package in chloropleth mode

Hello friends,
I am using tmap package to plot a map.
I wanted to add the bubble map while the bubble size is fixed but the color is change according to the values of data
So I use tm_bubble() command to plot my graph.
It sound good and I have my plot with same size and continus color,
But the problem is that all my points are not plotted on the map(I have more than 200 points but only 12 points are plotted). here is the code I used

AF1_MSS_mapWorld <- tm_shape(World) +
  tm_polygons() +
  tm_shape(amir) +
  tm_bubbles("AF1_MSS", col = "AF1_MSS", size = 0.05, shape = 10
              border.alpha = 0.1, 
             style="fixed", breaks=c(seq(0, 5, by=0.5)),
             palette="-viridis", contrast=1, 
             title.col="AF1 MSS", id="ID")  
#+tm_style(gray) + tm_format_World_wide()


Can anybody help me to overcome this problem?
Thank you in advanced

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