Create a customized form, then fill it with data from a data frame


I am interested in creating a customized form. Then I would like to fill in the blank spaces with data from a each row of a data frame.

For example, think of a common form you may fill out with name, address, phone number, sex, etc. I want to custom make one of these. And I have a data frame of 50 rows, columns matching the values in the form (name, address, etc). The final output I would like is 50 PDFs, 1 per each row in the data frame, all in the same format.

I really have no idea how to google this properly, and I don’t know where to begin looking for ideas. I am comfortable in R and the tidyverse, and I would like to do this project in RStudio, but I know little about markdown. I assume there is a cool set of tools for this out there that would be perfect for this.

Any suggestions on where to look? or packages to read up on?

Thanks in advance!

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