Create a contextmenu with right click for shiny app under the timevis package

teo lo piparo
10:20 (4 minuti fa)
a Shiny - Web Framework for R
I am trying to add a new group in the timeline of the {timevis} package in R from the time vis-timeline library. I'd like to add a contextmenu with the right click of the mouse and have the option to add or remove a group in the timeline.

if (interactive()) { 

 rv <- reactiveValues() 
 rv$df <- data.frame( id = "", start = Sys.Date(), content = "", group = "") 
 rv$df2 <- data.frame(id = c(1,2), content = c("1","2"))  ## This should be added with the contextmenu dynamically 

 ui <- fluidPage( timevisOutput("appts"), 
 div("Selected items:", textOutput("selected", inline = TRUE)), 
 div("Visible window:", textOutput("window", inline = TRUE)), 
 DT::DTOutput("table") ) 

 server <- function(input, output) { 
 output$appts <- renderTimevis( timevis( rv$df, groups = rv$df2, 
 options = list( editable = TRUE, 
 multiselect = TRUE, 
 align = "center", 
 minorLabels = FALSE, 
 majorLabels = FALSE, 

 onAdd = htmlwidgets::JS( 'function(item, callback) { 
 var end = new Date(item.start); 
 item.content = "Rename me!<br/>" + item.content; 
 item.end = end.setMonth( end.getMonth() + 1); callback(item); 
 }' ), 

 onRemove = htmlwidgets::JS( 'function (item, callback) { 
 var r = confirm("Press OK to remove or cancel"); 
 if (r == true) { 
 txt = "You pressed OK!"; callback(item); 
} else { 
 txt = "You pressed Cancel!"; callback(null); } }' ), 
 onUpdate = htmlwidgets::JS( 'function(item, callback) {
 item.content = prompt("Edit items text:", item.content); 
 if (item.content != null) { 
 callback(item); // send back adjusted item 
 } else { 
 callback(null); // cancel updating the item } }' ) 
 ) ) ) 
 output$selected <- renderText(paste(input$appts_selected, collapse = " ")) 
 output$window <- renderText(paste( input$appts_window[1], "to", input$appts_window[2] )) output[["table"]] <- DT::renderDT({ DT::datatable(input$appts_data, editable = TRUE) }) 
 shinyApp(ui, server) 

This is the reprex with changing name with doubleclick on item, remove prompt after clicking the X, adding item with doubleclick on the timevis panel.

The documentation mention the following:


Passes a properties object as returned by the method

// Fired when right-clicked inside the Timeline. Note that in order to prevent the context menu from showing up, default behavior of the event must be stopped:

Timeline.getEventProperties(event). timeline.on('contextmenu', function (props) { 
 alert('Right click!'); 

The double click is already taken but maybe is possible to use the contextmenu or doubleclicking on the left side of the timeline or having some keyboard command + mouse. I am total n00b with this and your support would be great.



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