Create a contact page in Shiny

I would like to create a contact page like this app: Shiny - A/B Testing Sample Size Calculator.

See that it has a SEND US A MESSAGE field, where the person can enter information such as name, email, organization and a field to enter a message. How can I do this? I will insert a brief app below to help.

A point to highlight is that if I want to receive the message in my email, I believe I need a server, correct?Anyway, I want the easiest way possible for me to see this message, it doesn't necessarily have to be received in my email.


ui <- fluidPage(
  shiny::navbarPage(theme = shinytheme("flatly"), collapsible = TRUE,

server <- function(input, output,session) {

shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)


enter image description here

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