Create a Bubble chart with packcircles I want circles instead of ovals plus legend ggplot

I want to create a chart with the package packcircles as well as ggplot. and export it with my print device I use in this case "ragg".

I have three issues

The circles I want get converted into ovals when I print it
The text inside the bubbles , I want to be able to resize it so it fits the size of the bubbles. The smalles bubble has size 14 and it is barely noticeable.
I want my legend to have the segment I defined in the dataframe "data", instead I get the "id" numbers.
I have tried this:


theme_b <- function( ) {
    panel.background = element_rect(fill ="white"),
    panel.grid.major.y  = element_line(color = "white"),
    panel.grid.major.x  = element_blank(),
    panel.grid.minor = element_blank(),
    axis.ticks  = element_blank(),
    axis.ticks.length.x = unit(0.15,"cm"), 
    plot.background = element_rect(fill="white"),
    legend.background = element_rect(fill="transparent"),
    legend.key = element_blank(),
    axis.title.x = element_blank(),
    axis.text = element_blank(),

    plot.title = element_textbox(size=32,color="black",vjust=1,
                                 family = "merriweather",width = unit(1, "npc"),
                                 margin= margin(r=-40,b=80),
                                 lineheight = 1.3),
    plot.caption.position = "plot",
    plot.caption = element_textbox(size=12,color="black",margin= margin(t = 10, b=10,r=60),
                                   lineheight = 1.2,
                                   family = "montserrat",
                                   width = unit(1, "npc")),
    axis.title.y.right = element_blank(),
    axis.title.y.left = element_blank(),
    axis.line.x = element_blank(),
    plot.margin = unit(c(1,2,0,1),"cm"),
    legend.direction = "horizontal",
    legend.spacing.x = unit(0.4, 'cm'),
    legend.position = c(.30, 1.06),
    legend.text = element_text(size = 13,color="black",
                               margin = margin(l = -10)),
    legend.title = element_markdown(size = 13,
                                    color = "black",
                                    family = "montserrat",
                                    lineheight = 1.2),


# Create data
data <- data.frame(Segment=c("Small","Medium", "Large", "Extra Large", 
                                    "Extra extra large"), 
                          value=c(10000, 3000, 400, 300, 70)) 
packing <- circleProgressiveLayout(data$value, sizetype='area')

data <- cbind(data, packing)

data_gg <- circleLayoutVertices(packing, npoints=50)

tp <- "Clothing Size Inventory"
c1 <- "Source: Company"
lnd <- "**Size table"

p <- ggplot() + 
  # Make the bubbles
  geom_polygon(data = data_gg, 
               aes(x, y, group = id, fill=as.factor(id)), alpha = 0.6) +
  labs(title = tp,
       caption = c1,
       fill = lnd) +
  scale_fill_manual(values = c("#edf8b1","#c7e9b4","#7fcdbb","#41b6c4",
                    guide = guide_legend(title.position = "top",ncol = 2)) + 
  guides(fill=guide_legend(title.position = "top",
                           byrow = TRUE,
                           nrow = 2),
         size = "none") + 
  geom_text(data = data, 
            aes(x, y, size=c(30,24,15,15,14), label = round(value/1000,2))) +
  scale_size_continuous(range = c(1,5)) +
  # General theme:
  theme_b() + 

p2 <- p + 
  coord_cartesian(clip = "off")

agg_png("bubbles_example2.png", width = 8, height = 8, units = "in", res = 300)

I get this:

I want this:

Does it happen after this? I'm ok with the figure when fully zoomed.

Hi , thank you for the response , but I do not see the change in the code to get the circles like your picture.

I get ellipses too if I don’t adjust the plot window by zooming and maximizing

I see , thank you for your response but the issues are not addressed by zooming in. maybe the issues are because I am overriding the coordinates with two lines of code.

Did you go only as far as my reprex? That will isolate the problem. If after zooming and maximizing the zoom window it's still not circular, try ggsave() and look at the plot in the OS. If it is circular, then we'll go on to look at what happens later.

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