create a boxplot with facet_grid


I have diferent imputation methods and I want to use function facet grid to plot this methods by regions. I know my problem is in x axis, but I don't know how to use imputation methods (var1,var2,var3,...) from reactive function in x.

dados7 <- reactive({ 
  dataset() %>% filter(variable==input$frame) %>% 
    rename(var1 = Inicial, var2 = CasosCompletos, var3 = ImpMedia, var4 = ImpMediana, var5 = ImpLOCF, var6 = ImpNOCB, var7 = ImpMultipla)
globaldata$regiao2 <- globaldata$regiao

levels(globaldata$regiao2) <- c("África S.","América N. e C.","América S.","Asia Ori/Pacifico","Europa","Medio Oriente/África N.")
title3<-paste(input$frame, "por região")

p <-dados7() %>% ggplot(aes(x =~variable,fill=globaldata$regiao2))+
  theme(axis.text.x=element_text(angle=-90, vjust=0.4,hjust=1))

fig <- ggplotly(p)


What does dataset() look like? Can you post the top few rows using dput(head(dataset))?

Why are renaming all those columns? You probably want to use dplyr::pivot_longer to out the method in a single column and the results in another.

In ggplot you don't use ~ in x = variable. Also you can't use another dataframe (globaldata) in the aes or in facet_grid. You need to put this information into dados7().

dataset() looks like this. I have a column for each method and the last one is the variable imputed.

If I use function dplyr::pivot_longer I don't need to rename all methods? Should I use it inside reactive function?

If your data doesn't change, you can do pivot_longer in the global section before ui, do it once is faster.

Why didn't do you dput(head(dataset)) like I said? It's easier and more useful than pasting a picture.

Maybe you should make the plot first before you try to put it in shiny. Shiny is quite hard to learn and debug.

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