[cpp11] <pkg>_type.h, linking to, etc.

I am curious about how I can use cpp11 to make a package that others can link to and call my registered functions from their compiled code. Also, I would like custom types in this interface. Mostly, I am asking to see what people are currently doing and best practices. Browsing the cpp11 code, I see you can expose new types in inst/include/<pkg>_types.h[pp]. I assume I can make a inst/include/<pkg>.h file and include the types header. Can cpp11 fill out the <pkg>.h or does that need to be done manually?

Also, I have something like:

#include <cpp11.h> // needed because new types depend on this
#include <some_external_types.h> // new types depend on these
void custom_deleter(void*);
using my_custom_type = cpp11::external_pointer<external_type, custom_deleter>;

in my <pkg>_types.h file. It seems including cpp11.h here causes problems. Anyway, I'd be grateful if folks involved with cpp11 could tell me if I'm on the right track or should revise. Thanks.

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