Cox model with random effects - problem

I have a problem using the coxph(Surv()) function from the survival library. This function works for other survival analysis models I have created but for follow up = 360 it gives a strange result. What do I mean by strange? Instead of getting Random effect like in other models I get a result in which something like this appears.

As you can see my entry for random effect was treated as a variable. This surprises me, because the form of the command was the same as for other models and looked like this:

model_180_random = coxph(Surv(data2$FU, data2$FU_180) ~ data2$Age + data2$Sex + data2$NYHA + data2$WBC + data2$Lac + data2$mOsm + data2$Na + data2$Creatinine + data2$NTproBNP + data2$days_in_hospital + data2$Denovo + (1 | data2$Patient))

Data2$Patient is actually ID of patients from my set. Is it possible to solve this somehow? Is it possible that any of the variables included could be affected? All the variables are numeric.

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