Covr::gitlab: invalid argument to unary operator

Hi guys,

I've built a fresh R-package on my workbench that has a minimal structure for demonstration. It has a valid Description & Namespace file as well as one demo test case. I'm using testthat for testing. So I have this: under



and under CovTest/tests/testthat/test-demo.R with

testthat::test_that(desc = "demo", {

So, when testing the package as well as running the RCheck, no error occurs. However,
when I run covr::gitlab() to compute the test coverage, the following error occurs after couple of seconds:

 Error in -stats$Relevant : invalid argument to unary operator

I don't find any useful tips, so do you have any idea what's going on here?
I have covr@3.6.1 installed, however, updating to the recent version did not help.


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