COVID-19 Global Meter - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission

COVID-19 Global Meter

Authors: Shivam Panchal
Working with Shiny more than 1 year

Abstract : COVID-19 Global Meter

Full Description: Motivation

Various companies thought that a global crisis is an excellent opportunity to show case their technologies. Therefore, the idea was to show that open-source technologies can be used to create a dashboard and tracker in real time. Furthermore, the most popular COVID-19 dashboard ( Johns Hopkins COVID-19) is styled rather alarmist. Therefore, a more informative and constructive story line dashboard might help to dampen the already existing hysteria a little.

Website -
Shiny app:


  • COVID-19 data: Johns Hopkins CSSE
  • Population data: The World Bank & Wikipedia for countries which are not in World Bank data set.

I have built this application from multiple open source versions of data and analyses to a constructive website displaying real time updates about Corona Out-break and Covid-19 Disease Real Time Statistics.

In December 2019, cases of severe respiratory illness began to be reported across the city of Wuhan in China. These were caused by a new type of coronavirus, and the disease is now commonly referred to as COVID-19. The number of COVID-19 cases started to escalate more quickly in mid-January and the virus soon spread beyond China’s borders. This story has been rapidly evolving ever since, and each day we are faced by worrying headlines regarding the current state of the outbreak.

In isolation, these headlines can be hard to interpret. How fast is the virus spreading? Are efforts to control the disease working? How does the situation compare with previous epidemics? This site is updated daily based on data published by Johns Hopkins University. By looking beyond the headlines, we hope it is possible to get a deeper understanding of this unfolding pandemic.

This application every 15 minutes. Spread the awareness.

Apart from showing statistics, it shows the overview, symptoms and precautions to CoVid-19.

Category: Research

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I can't access your repo, would you repost the link?