Covid-19 and vaccination campaigns shiny constest submission(Cours INF105)

Covid-19 and vaccination compaigns

Authors : Jean philippe Rolls H D( JE170435) and Fevrius Marie Danielle ( FE163703)

Abstract : This project aims to verify the impact of vaccination campaigns on the rate of covid-19 cases in the world. According to the charts the rate of cases is higher in wealthier countries and larger regions. What about the vaccination campaigns launched by the most affected countries and by the rest of the world, in terms of effectiveness?

Full Description : As mentioned earlier, the main objective of this project is to verify the impact of vaccination campaigns on the rate of cases and mortality due to covid in the world.
To achieve the project objective, data are collected from the following sources: WHO, World Bank (WB), Our world in data.
In short, several CSV format files are used for the analysis, the content of which can be found in a specific link at the end of this document.

After collecting and cleaning the data, we proceeded to analyze them in accordance with our objectives.
For the analysis, the data allowed us to observe a positive relationship between the rate of covid-19 cases and the death rate in the richest countries and in the largest regions of the world.

The observation has been made and specified in this document to give the user an idea of ​​the possibilities offered by this project. In fact, the user can choose to compare: the rate of covid cases, the death rate, with the rate of individuals vaccinated, the rate of cases after vaccination, the death rate after vaccination.

Thus, the user can choose the indicator which interests him to see the evolution of the latter. Also the graphs provided in the project are given according to the regions of the world and the level of wealth of the countries.

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