Count the values of multiple columns excluding NAs

I have a Data set with 201 cols and 4500 rows.

There are lots of NA's in each column. I want to get the count of the values in each columns excluding NA's.

Please help me how can I do this?

Hi @amankumar, welcome to RStudio Community.

You can use functions from the apply family. Here's an example.

data <- data.frame(col1 = c(4, NA, 20, 13, NA),
                   col2 = c(NA, 3, NA, NA, 4),
                   col3 = c(2, 21, NA, 5, 15))

sapply(data, function(x) sum(!
#> col1 col2 col3 
#>    3    2    4

Created on 2020-05-27 by the reprex package (v0.3.0)


Thank you, Its working.

I'd have used colSums:

colSums(x = ! = data))

At least one justification (from ?colSums):

These functions are equivalent to use of apply with FUN = mean or FUN = sum with appropriate margins, but are a lot faster.


Indeed, that is more efficient than my solution.

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