Count the number of null values in a dataframe

Hi Community. I am new in R and need some help. I am working on a capstone project of the bike sharing app and have imported csv files into a dataframe and a few columns are having 'null' and 'na' values as shown in the screenshots below.

Can someone guide me how to get :-

  1. A summary of the null and na values in the observations for all the variables
  2. How to filter out the null and na values and create a new dataframe
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Hi @jaiswal78 , remember put a reproducible example of data for better help you all the community.

Try with this:
Im make a toy data year21_22

year21_22 <- data.frame(A= c(1,2,NA,4,7),
                        B=c('amarillo',NA, 'rojo', NA, NA),


# NA in each column
# A B D 
# 1 3 5 

# For filter all rows with complete cases

# A        B   D
# 1 amarillo 1

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