could not find function "some Function" from some package

Hi Guys,
I am encountering an error when creating a data frame. I was running some package one day back everything was good but now I am having some issues like not able to find some function. I suspect its coz of my R studio (Ver. 1.2.5033). What do you think?
After loading some packages I can't access functions associated with them.

could not find function "package's function"

Please be more specific. I personally am allergic to the term 'some'.
What exactly did you enter?
What exactly did you expect?
What exactly did occur?
Which is the exact message/error that was displayed?

What is the output when you execute sessionInfo() ?

I don't expect that the version of RStudio is causing the problem.

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Thank you for your reply. I was using DeSeq2 package and calling this package was certainly a issue. Using sessioninfo() help me to identify the package was not loaded for use. I appreciate your help