could not find function "LGB"

Can anyone help me on this?

I am doing a report for significant effects in unreplicated fractional factorials.
I am using R.

The file name is Soup,
Model.1 <- lm (Yield ~ (.)^2, data = Soup)
modc <- lm(y~(.)^2, data=soup)
LGB(coef(modc)[-1], rpt = FALSE)

This is code that I have been given previously, which worked.

The error message that I get is:
Error in LGB(coef(modc)[-1], rpt = FALSE) : could not find function "LGB"

I have installed and loaded the daewr library as noted.
When I search for LGB, I get then following:

I am using RStudio 2023.03.0 Build 386 and R Version and the latest version of R.
Can anyone advise how to resolve this?

If there is a known issue, can an alternative package and library be used instead.

I installed the latest version of the daewr package (1.2-9) and also notice the LGB() function is not present. You could try installing the previous version (1.1-4) and give that a try. According to daewr/R on GitHub, this was the last time that function was updated.

                version = "1.1-4", 
                repos = "")

Open an issue on github, and in the meantime, use the latest repo code, which may have been inadvertently orphaned

LGB <- function(Beta, alpha=.05,rpt=TRUE, plt=TRUE, pltl=TRUE) {

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