Could not find function "collect"

I have been using this code for a while and everything was fine:


abc <- odbcConnect("LIVESTATS") <- sqlQuery(abc, "SELECT * FROM LIVESTATS.MMF.ServiceFlat")
ABC.Service.dealers <- sqlQuery(abc, "SELECT * FROM LIVESTATS.MMF.Dealers WHERE DataTypeID=2") <- collect(
A.Service.dealers <- collect(ABC.Service.dealers)

but now I have this error:

Error in collect( : 
  could not find function "collect"

Error in collect(ABC.Service.dealers) : 
  could not find function "collect"

Do you know what that is?

RODBC doesn't seem to have a collect() function or at least no longer has one. It must come from another package that you are overlooking or forgetting about. Possible candidates are dbplyr, SparkR

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