Could discobot be embedded onto web sites with a url?

discobot is a powerful example of interactive artificial technology that could make our world
become alive with artificial intelligence. (Presumably discobot is based on R code).

Anyone know of a url out there which I could embed on other websites?
This is extremely powerful technology that could help redefine our social landscape.

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Thank you andresrcs, for the information about shiny.
I have just installed the shiny package on my computer.
I had seen it before though I had completely ignored it.
The minimal effort part certainly caught my attention.

If anyone knows how to embed discobot on a post on
this website in one of the comments, then please do so.
You will have bragging rights for a very long time.
This is the future. Let's build it now.

Embedding R into documents (e,g,, Word, Libre Office etc. {Is it possible
to embed R into documents? That would be awesome!),
websites, etc. would make our world come alive with
intelligence. This is fantastic. Reward and reinforce those who
are building this future. In life, what you reinforce manifests reality.
Let's reinforce a world of ubiquitous artificial intelligence.

Yes, this could have a truly transformative effect on this
website and others. It is a meta idea.

If we could start thinking in terms of artificial instruction
for R problems instead of dragooning millions of human
laborers, then people could get on with enjoying their
lives instead of participating in make work projects.

It is not clear to me why this has not already launched.
Basically create a virtually R environment with limited
parameters such as building dataframes etc. and put
a full range of potential interactions, evaluate people's
R ability level and allow them to learn structured activities
that they find reinforcing.


Shiny makes it incredibly easy to build interactive web applications with R. Automatic "reactive" binding between inputs and outputs and extensive prebuilt widgets make it possible to build beautiful, responsive, and powerful applications with minimal effort.


The Shiny tutorial at the framework in depth, walks you through building a simple application, and includes extensive annotated examples.

See Also

shiny-options for documentation about global options.

This site is run with discourse. Open source software for discussion forums. I think Discobot is integrated pretty deep into discourse, so not totally sure how extensible and customizable it would be.

I think the closest thing you might be looking for with R would be the learnr R package,

In a recent RStudio IDE update, they added integration between the IDE and learnr for teaching tutorials,

And the primers on, Posit Cloud, I think were made in part with learnr.

I'm sorry I'm blanking on the name, but I swear I just saw on twitter a textbook that integrated tutorials

EconomicCurtis, This is extremely exciting!

After reading through your links and other proximal online material, I feel confident that pervasive artificial interface might be on the horizon.

The integration of online R code with instructional feedback has already been implemented.

This would be a great feature to add to this website. Each comment box could have an R chunk window
to drop code into. We could all then see what the poster sees. Perhaps there could be an option that allowed posters to choose their version of R to make it more customized. This would be a very helpful
feature to add to this site.

Perhaps there could be both input and output R windows. The idea here is that the poster could provide
the R code for what they were entering and in the output window provide elements of the response that they wanted. It would be amazing if an artificial agent could bridge the gap between the two. Here what could happen is the computer might try various manipulations of the code until something happened.
It can be so frustrating when programming to miss a comma or misspell (e.g it for if) and watch as nothing happens. A R virtual agent might be able to become error tolerant and search out for the most
complex possible output within the proximal range of the program and not the least complex.

I also looked into the discobot, learnr, shiny, and swirlify. There are a great many exciting approaches
that are developing which will allow for a more alive and intelligent interaction between humans and artificial agents. This website would be an ideal place to manifest such a future.

Bring @discobot into the open by embedding it into the post choices, create webenabled shiny post windows, allow users to uploaded swirlify files that can become integrated into a comprehensive library of R Studio advice. Artificial agents could make it much easier to help out all those who have trouble learning R.

Ambitiously, we might try to create a virtual model of all the elements of R. For example, a virtual hard drive, a virtual R environment, etc.. A virtual replica could be established and then users could highlight those parts of the setup that they were interested in. Once again, they could add in as much information as they could about inputs and outputs and teh virtual agent could try to bridge the gap. What I find especailly interesting here is that the "program" RStudio could become the totality of all virtual or otherwise interactions. All possible features that others requested could become integrated into the
virtual superprogram.

There are a great many exciting upgrades that I am anxious to see incorporated.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


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