corresponding author in elsevier template

I'm using the elsevier template with rticles and the superscript "** after the corresponding author's name disappears if the footnote sections in the YAML are removed. I still get "*corresponding author" in the footnote.

This can be replicated with the elsevier template by deleting lines 8, 15, 19, and 25-29 in the YAML.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi thanks for the report. It seems there could be a problem in the template.

What is your expecting results exactly ?

Is it the * still added after the corresponding author ?
Or is it the * and the associated footnote to be removed ?

I have opened

to fix it as I understand it, meaning the * is correctly there with the corresponding author.

Is that what you are expecting ?

This solves the problem perfectly! Thank you!

I figured it was something in the template, but I'm just getting started with TeX, so I couldn't figure out what was happening.

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It is merged now. You can use the dev version of rticles

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