Correspondence analysis - how to order data


I'm new to R and i'm trying to solve a problem in the free-available ade-4 package with the atlas dataset. I would like to investigate if climate can explain altitudinal changes in bird species richness and composition. And which variable explains the most.
I thought a CA could help to visualize the relationship, but i don't see how i should order my data to do so.
I now used the following code:
#the species richness contains the elevation in the first column and the number of species at this elevation in the second column
#combine the species richness dataset with the meteo subdataset
#only use the number of species and the climatic variables

The problem here is that species richness is just taken as one of the variables, but i want to visualize if some climatic variable can explain the species richness.
I have the same problem for the species composition, as here I should give for each elevation which species are present and how abundant they are and try to explain this with the climatic variables.
Has anyone some advice on how to order my data?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi, welcome to the forum. I think it mould help if we had a FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example ( reprex ) for beginners.

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