Correlation between a variable and factors from factor analysis

Hi. I'm doing a project where I have to find the correlation between the type of face care product bought (6 variables) and the lifestyle characteristics.
I created 5 different lifestyle category factors and I wanted to create contingency tables, a barplot and a summary tables for each lifestyle category in order to see who bought which kind of products.
The values of the face care product are inside a column in the dataset, while the 5 factors I created are a mix of different columns

How can I call for all the lifestyle categories in one line? I wanted a contingency table where on the left side I see the different kind of products (anti-age, hydrating, normal skin, other, purifying and sensitive skin) and on the upper part the different lifestyle categories (lookgoog,, consious, environment.frienly, fashion)
And in the table I need to see the number of people who bought each kind of product.

Thank you

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