Correlating different variables


I am trying to correlate multiple variables within a dataset.

The dataset I'm using is gayreshaped.csv.

First, I filtered the "study" and "treatment" variables:

gayreshaped3 <- filter(gayreshaped, study == 2, treatment == "No Contact")

After that, I tried to correlate the "therm1", "therm2", "therm3" and "therm4" variables but I couldn't get a result.

I am trying to use this command but it is not working.

gayreshaped3therms12 <- cor(gayreshaped3$therm1, gayreshaped3$therm2, gayreshaped3$therm3,gayreshaped3$therm4, use = "pairwise.complete.obs")

It also gave me this error: "Error in match.arg(method) : 'arg' must be NULL or a character vector"

Is there another way to correlate them or to solve this NULL problem?

Thank you.

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