Correct version of latest daily build

I have been using the daily builds for a while now. I love all the new functionality. I updated to the most recent build this morning (1.2.30). I ran into some issues using this build (which I totally understand is possible using the daily builds) and thought I would share them.

  1. when trying to close RStudio, the "Qutting RStudio Session..." message would pop up but the session doesn't actually close until I force close it from task manager.

  2. When trying to save a new r script or rmarkdown document, I get a pop-up error saying "Class$S229" and it won't let me save any new scripts.

Due to these issues, I went to download a previous build to try and get around them for now. However, that led me to my question. On the site I linked above, the current build version is 1.2.30 built on 2017-09-23. However, on this page the latest version is 1.1.374 built on 2017-09-22. I am confused due to the different version numbers, since the first site switched from 1.1.* to 1.2.* after 1.1.340 while the second site looks to have continued with 1.1.* well after 1.1.340. Any suggestion on which one is more appropriate to use?

EDIT: I have now downloaded version 1.1.374 and neither of those issues are occurring

For 1.1, we recommend sticking with the preview release, which we regularly update with new dailies. You can get it here:

The 1.2 builds will become interesting in a couple of months or so, but for right now there's a lot of construction dust (as you noticed!) and we recommend sticking with 1.1.


Perfect, thanks for your quick response

Sorry for the nitpickery, just want to make sure I don't :scream: miss future greatness. I currently get my daily builds at the url/screenshot below, as opposed to the RStudio Preview page you noted.

Is this just a matter of different interfaces, or is the Daily Build (desktop-mac) page being sunset?

As for the new dailies site ( what's the best way to stay in the loop to vis-a-vis when it's ready to use for, say, someone who usually uses the 1.1 dailies?

Thanks, @jonathan, I know this is convoluted Q&A on my part!

Yes, that page is going to be sunset. If you want to run Mac dailies, you can get them at the new dailies page.

The preview page (linked above) is more conservative. We publish a preview only when we're getting close to release, and once we're in preview mode not every daily becomes a preview.

We recommend using the stable or preview builds for your day to day work. While the dailies do give you the earliest access, they may not be stable enough for everyday use.

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