Copying an interactive map

Good day all,

Please how do I copy an interactive map from Rstudio into my portfolio in such a way that it will be interactive on my portfolio.
I have tried copying it severally, its not giving out the exact output. Please help

We have no information or technical specification of your 'portfolio'
Is it an environment that in principle supports interactivity ? javascript ?

Thank you, It supports html

but not javascript ?
I don't think you can have a particularly interactive HTML map, possibly tooltips at defined points of a static image.

The map is from choropleth package

i havent looked into it a great deal but it seems cloroplethr in built finctionality only makes static ggplot2 maps. Perhaps you do something with leaflet or plotly for interactivity, however both these rely on javascript. It would be a waste of time to try either if you cannot host a javascript solution

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