Copy specifiek Excel data to another file in R (automatic)

I want to copy specifiek Excel data from One Drive to Sharepoint. Is it posible that this proces can run automatically when a file is created in One drive?

You can just copy the file using file.copy. Whether it will work to Sharepoint I don't know. Maybe you could show us the code you have tried so far?

I know that, but I want to know if I can save a file in Sharepoint. Is that possible? I did not start with coding, I am just checking for information to start.

Did you google? I immediately found this:

Maybe that was better to do than ask here, I will remember to google first.:slight_smile:

I looked if I can make a trigger when a file is made or modified then the script should start automaticly. But I found only time based triggers not when a file is created or modified in a map.. Is this possible?

Not with R. This is a Windows issue I think, nothing to do with RStudio.

Oke, if some 1 knows it for sure then I while close the topic. Or do you know that for sure, that it can only done with Powershell?

I'm sure there are many ways to do it, but R/RStudio is not one of them.

Thank you for your help.

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