Copy/Paste not working

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CentOS 7.4
RStudio 1.1.442
FireFox 61.0.1

There was a workaround in a browser setting in FireFox but after a while, it reverted back to not being able to copy and paste. I was using a text editor as an intermediate step; not having copy and paste is a workflow efficiency killer.

Switched to Chrome 67.0.3 and copy and paste is working.

Would appreciate any input or feedback and even link to where in FireFox the setting is.

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For the copy paste to work in Firefox, I need to activate an option about clipboard in the browser. You can go to config by going to about:config as url in Firefox. Then on mine I need to enable ....clipboardevents.enabled to true.

I think I need to do that after every update.

Hope it helps.

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