Copy Paste from RStudio to Gmail

Prior to RStudio 1.4.x I was able to copy with CTRL-C from the console and paste to gmail, which was
super handy, but this no longer works, and this seems have been a problem for others, e.g., there was a post in December about this, but no responses. Does anyone have any information about this, e.g., is it a known bug that might be fixed some time?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Doug Martin

Hi Doug,

Is this specific gmail? I'm on 1.4.1103 and MS-Outlook and no -C/P works, as well as mouse-click-L/R. The latter directly returns as-is format from console. Using -C/P Outlook returns a small menu item, asking how to format contents. Does L/R-mouseclick works for you?


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