Copy any project in a workspace

My team heavily uses the Rstudio base project feature in shared workspaces to scaffold common analysis plans or custom function definitions as we run experiments for our clients. However, there are cases where we want to copy or migrate large chunks of a project for re-use without affecting the workspace's base project. As of writing, it seems that you are allowed to make copies of projects created by other members of the workspace, but not allowed to make copies of your own. Is is possible to enable this functionality? (Assuming that you have the appropriate owner/administrator/moderator permissions in the workspace in question.)


Unfortunately, copying your own projects isn't a supported action at this time. This is something that is already on the backlog to address, but we haven't prioritized it yet. I've gone ahead and made a note of your request for this feature.

Related, I'd be curious to learn more about your use case and how you're using Rstudio Cloud. If you are interested in sharing, I'd be happy to arrange a call with our Product Management team if that is of interest to you. Feel free to drop a me a DM if you are interested.


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