Copy a workspace

I've set up a workspace for a class similarly to what is recommended in the "Learn" docs. Now I plan to open it up to a class of people for a couple of weeks. If I want to run the same class for new cohort, say a couple of months from now, is there some way for me to copy the entire workspace and leave all the student (unshared by contributor) projects behind?

A second question I have is whether I can copy a Project as an admin. I see that a user can do this, but Admin only has delete. It would be useful for projects that build incrementally.

The copying of workspaces is on the roadmap (@Robby).

I am not certain what you mean by an Admin only having delete. The Learn documentation describes the role thusly:

Admin: can manage membership and can view, edit and manage all projects in the space.

Currently, you can't make a copy of a project you create, but that's a limitation we want to remove. Would you expect any relationship (e.g. derived from) to be maintained between the original and the copy?

For the use case mentioned here, which is just relaunching a course with a series of projects, it would be nice, but not critical to see what space it was derived from. It would be analogous to when a contributor copies a project.

Sorry -- its not really related to role. If I created the project, I see 'Delete', otherwise I see 'Copy', so I'm trying to figure out how to copy a project I own. Am I missing something?