Copilot activation

I'm trying to setup Copilot in RStudio. When I do the Github Copilot sign in after I click on the url given in "navigate to" and enter the code Github says " Congratulations, you're all set! Your device is now connected." But the dialog hangs in RStudio with the little "Authenticating" alert stuck on. Done it twice now.

Any suggestions?

I have now tried this on a second system with the same result. (Both Windows 10, most up-to-date R an RStudio.) Identical result.

Any suggestions, or a pointer to the best way to report this to Posit?

Hi, I connected copilot with process below (It's macOS but windows is not different that much)

  1. Tools > Global Options in Rstudio
  2. check Enable Github Copilot.

  1. click Sign in

  1. Activate device on Github's page with code from Rstudio

  1. I can use Github Copilot now.

I think you may check your github account (include copilot) since I didn't see any navigate to word during setup copilot process.

That's what I did, except it didn't work for me. (Navigate to shows in the alert you posted.)

While I'm fairly experienced with RStudio, I don't get Github at all. Can you suggest where to check the Github account?

Do you have any trouble when you try to log in to GitHub directly?

So you

  1. entered the verification code from Rstudio. and it didn't change anything.
  2. are using github copilot with subscription like mine. github copilot settings

I'm not sure what's problem in this situation since I didn't met it. But if I'm in that situation I'll try below.

  • Use github copilot in other IDE like VScode. I prefer Rstudio so much but to check it's problem of github copilot or Rstudio.

If this approach works, it may think as Rstudio's problem. but You mentioned as other PC doesn't work at all. So it's not problem with Rstudio but your system.

If you try Rstudio server instead of Rstudio, or used some environment variables with system, or using proxy servers check this issue may help.

However, some people also have similar issue (with copilot auth in Rstudio) #1, #2, #3 which seems to be not solved yet.

Hope this helps.

No/ I went back and rechecked.

This was very helpful. It appears that Copilot is now working. The issue seems to be that further activation was required inside Github, despite Github having said that it was already working.