coord_sf - creating equal co-ordinates

I have the following at the start of a ggplot -

map_A <- ggplot() +
  geom_sf(data=roads_A, alpha=0.2, color=roads_A$FEATCODE) +
  coord_sf(datum=st_crs(27700))  ...............

I am looking to create square grids but cannot find an equivalent of coord_fixed(ratio=1) for coord_sf. Is there a way to achieve it, please?

now fallen back on workaround by cropping equally around a point

roads_cropped<- st_crop(roads_A, 
                              xmin = mypoint-500, 
                              xmax= mypoint+500, 
                              ymin = mypoint-500, 
                              ymax= mypoint+500)

You can do something like. I don't think there's a way to set the aspect ratio manually.

+ coord_sf(xlim=range(st_coordinates(df)[,1]), ylim=range(st_coordinates(df)[,2]))

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