Cool tidyverse stickers

Every once in a while I see these cool tidyverse hexagonal stickers on social media. Now I'm searching for a PNG version of it to print a sticker myself, but I only found PNG files for each package individually. I wonder if someone has a PNG version for me to print a sticker. Just asking, maybe I can save some time! If not, I'll try and make one later and share it here!

It is no a programming topic, I know, but I figure this would be the best place to find it. :smiley:

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Better yet, most of them are up on as SVGs:
Just use the format:


Wonderful! Thank you @mara!

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Ok, now I really want to know why my neighborhood taco shop has a hex sticker on there:

District Taco


To anyone who might be interested: I downloaded all the tidyverse-related hexbins from, grouped them using and uploaded to this GitHub repo:

There is a .html version there that you can open in and tweak as you like so you don't have to assemble all of them from scratch.


Recently all the tidyverse hexstickers had been added to a github repository rstudio/hex-stickers in PNG and SVG formats.

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