Converting (.tiff) images to time-lapse video

I am writing a code that converts a series of .tiff images to a time-lapse video. The first time that I tried, my files format was (.png), and I could make the video by FFmpeg. However, it seems that FFmpeg does not support (.tiff) files. I was also thinking about converting the format of my photos from .tiff to something that FFmpeg could support, but I am not sure about it. I would be pleased if you could provide me with your suggestion

There is a hint: How to create a video from images on a .tif format with FFmpeg? - Stack Overflow saying:

FFmpeg does support upto 16 bpc RGB TIFFs or 8 bit YUV TIFFs or 16 bit grayscale

So, I would suggest to convert your tiff's with convert (from Imagemagick) like:

convert image.tiff +dither -colors 16 image-16.tiff

Details on Quantization -- IM v6 Examples


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