converting long to wide

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering if anyone can help to suggest the way to reshape or reframe data from long to wide.
I attached jpg for your review.

Not sure how to do it.

I appreciate any help.

Typically tidyverse package containing pivot_wider would be recommended.

Study the examples.
If you require further assistance, please provide a reprex, neither excel nor jpg/image is a good format for the task of communicating with the forum.

Hi Nirgrahamuk,
Thanks for your response. Could please suggest the code or script for me to start with?

I dont think you've spent any significant time reading the content that I linked you to ...

I tried, but it gives me this one:

sorry I am just a beginner. Hope you can help. Many thanks

p.s. I wouldnt ever use such code; but only because I wouldnt aim for the sort of result you asked for; though appreciate I may be taking your ask too literally.


(an_example_input <- tibble(

true_sources <- c("SP1","SP2")

(fixed_1 <- an_example_input |>
  mutate(switched=Target %in% true_sources,
         osource = Source,
         otarget= Target,

(wider_1 <- select(fixed_1,Source,Target) |> 
    pivot_wider(names_from = "Source",
                names_repair = "minimal") )

  (wider_2 <- wider_1|> unnest_wider(col=true_sources,names_sep = "@"))

names(wider_2) <- gsub(pattern = "@.*",replacement = "",x=names(wider_2))

A reprex looks like this. It can be cut-and-pasted into a source pane to show exactly what is being worked with

d <- data.frame(
  source = rep("bow",10),
  target = rep("eye",10)
#>    source target
#> 1     bow    eye
#> 2     bow    eye
#> 3     bow    eye
#> 4     bow    eye
#> 5     bow    eye
#> 6     bow    eye
#> 7     bow    eye
#> 8     bow    eye
#> 9     bow    eye
#> 10    bow    eye
#>         V1  V2  V3  V4  V5  V6  V7  V8  V9 V10
#> source bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow
#> target eye eye eye eye eye eye eye eye eye eye

Created on 2023-06-15 with reprex v2.0.2

For more complicated cases there is {tidyr} with pivot_longer() and pivot_wider(). For a quick and dirty, I prefer this.
See this, useful functions to convert wide to long and vice versa.

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