Converting a package backend from Rcpp to cpp11


I'm trying to use cpp11 with a fork of fixest (I need to use vendoring). I put a new branch at GitHub - pachadotdev/fixest at cpp11, then started committing step by step as cpp11's FAQ says, and I fixed all the errors one by one.

Now when I run devtools::install(), the process fails, and now it doesn't say "I didn't like line 10 in means.cpp" or similar.

I'm looking for any help to be able to solve this problem. I listed my doubts at Issues · pachadotdev/fixest · GitHub.

The problem appears to be in this file just to show diff in quf.cpp by pachadotdev · Pull Request #8 · pachadotdev/fixest · GitHub

Update: I ended up refactoring all the code and doing a complete re-organization. At the present time I have a very specific error while trying to clone a matrix. Any ideas? The error is described here problem with meat's clone · Issue #10 · pachadotdev/fixest · GitHub

I think you'll have a better chance for attracting volunteers to help you if you make your question more specific. It seems unlikely that people would be willing to (or are able to!) help you with such a large change.

thanks, I'll do a complete reordering (i.e. 1 function per file)

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hi @Gabor
I did exactly what you did and added an update to the original post.

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