convert text case in text editor via keyboard shortcut

In sublime text editor I can highlight text and then change its capitalization via keyboard shortcuts like "cmd+k, cmd+u" --> uppercase. Is there any equivalent functionality in RStudio's text editor? It's a workflow disruption to copy text to console for a toupper('my string') and then copy paste it back to my editor.

It's a good idea. I'm not aware of a built in way to do this but it's the perfect job for an add-in. I searched quickly for an existing add-in that does this but didn't find one - you might.

Anyway it's not too difficult to write your own add-in. See my recent comment here on another thread - use the rstudioapi package to see how to access selected text.

See also this blog post

Yes, you'll need to do this with an add-in -- unless you use the Vim keybindings! With Vim keybindings on, pressing ~ in Command mode will invert the case of the selection.

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