Convert a character string without separators to time format HH:MM:SS

I have a character string that I know to be of the format HHMMSS (no separators) how do I convert to an unambiguous format such as HH:MM:SS
x <- "005257"
parse_date_time gets me close but I don't want the arbitrary date and timezone.

[1] "0000-01-01 00:52:57 UTC"

would like

What kind of object to you want to get out of this process? If you want a string then

gsub("(..)(..)(..)", "\\1:\\2:\\3", "005257")
#> [1] "00:52:57"

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To add on to FJCC's response. You can use the hms package to work with time-of-day variables:


Another option

x <- "005257"    
parse_time(x, "%H%M%S")
#> 00:52:57

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