Convert a character in a tibble

I just started myself trying to learn R and I am facing a problem. I am trying to do a binomial logistic regression. Everything is fine about that, only that R is showing one coefficent in chr instead of dbl which is working for the others. How can I change that?

As I am not sure how to proper upload R code here, I will put it as a png.

You can use the as.numeric function to convert the column to numbers but I expect you will get a warning "NAs introduced by coercion" because something in that column does not look like a number to R. You can find what that is like this (I will assume your tibble is called DF):

NUMs <- as.numeric(VALS) #you should get the warning here
BadLocations <- which(
BadLocations #this will tell you what row(s) the bad values are in 
BadVals <- VALS[BadLocations]

Once you know what is preventing the column from being read as numbers, you can delete it or replace it or let the as.numeric function convert it to NA.

DF$ADR <- as.numeric(DF$ADR)

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