Convenient export to Excel plugin?

I wanted to gauge how many people are interested in having a convenient data.frame to Excel plugin?

I often have a need to load R data.frames into Excel but there is no convenient way to do it.

My current workflow is

  • fwrite(df, "file.csv")
  • open "file.csv" in Excel

Or I would write to using an Excel package.

I want to gauge how much interest is there in a convenient to use load data.frame into Excel RStudio plugin, so you can just use a keyboard short-cut to bring up a search box, which shows you all the data.frames and you just choose one to export and it exports it to Excel and opens Excel for you.

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Interesting idea - my workflow is similar to yours, but it isn't too burdensome; however, if a plugin existed, I'd give it a try.

When I need to export to excel directly, I often use the openxlsx :package: with its write.xlsx function.
I then use shell.exec("myfile.xlsx") to say from R to open in windows the file with excel.

Sometimes, I use also csv format by writing them with readr::write_excel_csv2 and then open manually the file in excel.

I think if you do this kind of workflow a lot, using the addin feature of RStudio to hide your workflow behind a keyboard shortcut makes sense.

I find that snippet feature is also a convenient way to quickly achieve something - no keyboard shorcut but some keyword to write the chunk of code quickly seems to me similar and quicker to create.

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Wouldn't be my cup of tea, per se (I'm terrible at Excel), but have you seen this?


It might be worth exploring whether an RStudio Addin could accomplish what you're looking to do: