Controlling plot size in .Qmd notebook

In an .Rmd notebook I use to be able to control the size of a plot shown in Rstudio using opts_chunk, for example:

knitr::opts_chunk$set(dev = "png",
                      dpi = 600,
                      echo = TRUE,
                      cache = TRUE)

What's the equivalent for .Qmd notebooks, please? My graphs within Rstudio are now too small be use useful again :slight_smile:

You should be able to insert the same in a code chunk in Quarto.

You can also set this in YAML know. See

If you're looking for a R Notebook equivalent, follow this issue

If this is an issue specific to RStudio IDE preview in source, maybe you can open an issue in the IDE repo.

Thanks for this.

I need it to do one thing when I'm using it like an .Rmd without output to the RStudio notebook, and another when I'm rendering to produce a final .html file. But, from your second link, maybe this just isn't how Quatro is designed to work? If I want to work interactivly on a project, then publish a final html, is that not something that Quatro can do?

I did originally raise this on the IDE group here but it seems it got moved over here. Maybe someone with authority could move it back again if you think it's a question for the IDE folks?

You should be able to run interactively the chunk. I am just not sure you can control the plot size using knitr options.

If there are respected with Rmd document, and not Quarto (qmd), then I would open an issue with examples in the RStudio IDE github repo for missing feature.

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