controlLabel() function

Hi all,

I'm a newbie at this and I'm trying to deconstruct some code. I came across this line:

paste0("width: ", validateCssUnit(width), ";"), shiny:::controlLabel(inputId,
label), div(selectTag))

I'm having two problems. First, I have absolutely no idea what controlLabel does...I'm assuming that the whole line is passing some CSS code to the shiny UI. Second, I reinstalled R and whenever I try to run the Shiny app, it throws an error saying that it has no idea what controlLabel even is.

Am I missing something? Do I have install a function set somewhere like you do with bootstrap?

The three colons ::: mean this function is internal, not exported. It does not exist in the latest version of the shiny package.

Thank you...but at one point it was a part of the package? It must have been...but what did the function do?

Its been renamed to shinyInputLabel in more recent shiny versions. It simply associates a visual label element with some shiny input element

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oh my god, thank you.

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