Control the call used when chunk option engine='sas' is used

I want to control the system call used when the chunk option engine='sas' is used. I have a .bat file that includes command line options needed when sas is called stored in a bat file called run_sas_60g_e.bat. I don't care how the options in the bat file are implemented: using a bat file just one solution. The call, which is initiated with a start sas, includes command line options such as -memsize 60g and -cpucount 6. and -WORK. I need SAS to be called with these command line options.

According to the documentation for knit_engines, you can supply command-line arguments with the engine.opts chunk option. So something like this should work:

```{sas, engine.opts="-memsize 60g -cpucount 4"}
/*SAS code*/