Control + Enter does not run code when filetype is set to 'text file'

My problem is that typing Control + Enter does not run the code on the current line when filetype is set to 'text file'. It works fine when filetype is set to 'r script'.

I can use Alt + enter to run the current line in text file, but I would prefer to use Control + Enter.

I have tried resetting shortcuts, but it does not work.
I am using 1.3.959 with R 4.0.2 on Windows 10.

This seems like a reasonable behavior, If the file is a text file, how should RStudio know where to execute the code? Even more how it should know that it is code at all and not simply text?. Shortcuts work accordingly to the context of the file type.

Since Alt + Enter works, I would expect that Control + Enter also worked.

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