Contract Help with Shiny Apps COVID-19

Hi y'all,

I'm working on a COVID-19 dashboard that's built in shiny. Have been working with folks from various state agencies in Texas to help turn their collective data into a comprehensive daily update of information related to all things COVID-19. In short, this project went from being a niche project in our organization to garnering the state's attention, and now they're wanting to supply us with way more data than we started with, so we can build out this product faster.

As such, I need a lot of help wrangling data and getting it into various formats for production in our Shiny app. We primarily clean everything using tidyverse syntax, but do a lot of highcharter on the front-end. Also, if you have experience with optimizing shiny code for faster performance, that would be incredibly helpful. While I can do much of these things on my own, I have hit my personal capacity and need additional help with this project.

If you're interested in helping, please feel free to ping me at and I can get you more information about plugging in. We've already got some volunteers helping with particular aspects of this project, but I need more folks who can are familiar with the tidyverse, highcharter, and shiny.