Consultation related to drawing heat map

Dear friends, I want to draw the heat map as shown below:

But the two pictures obtained by using the following code are not very suitable.

ggplot(, aes( x=date, y=scales, fill=DI) ) +
geom_tile(width=100) +
scale_fill_continuous(type = "viridis")+
labs(title = 'Fig.1')
d <- dcast(, date ~ scales )
d <- d[,-1]
z= as.matrix(d), col = heat.colors(81),
xlab='date',ylab='scales',main='Fig.2' )

The two figures obtained from the above code are as follows:

Please help me to find out what the problem is? Thank you very much!
Another question needs to be asked. How should I upload the data required by this code (the is a data.table of 16152*3)?

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it looks to me like your x axis represents both date and time, when you need it to be date only (based on the axis numbers, dates would be around 20000). y is then the time...
Re sharing the data, you could use dput to output the first month or something like that...

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