Console output suppressed in RStudio after running package test

I am using functions from the testthat package to help in my own package development. If I start a new R session and run (for example) test_active_file(), the tests run just fine. But after running this command in the Console, then future Console output is suppressed. For example, if I type 3+4 then I just get the next prompt, not the answer. (And in a fresh R session, typing 3+4 would give me an output of 7.) I'm not sure what's happening.

Thanks for any help you can give!

First I would check if this is specific to this package. If it is not happening to another package, then it is probably something in your package. In this case try to isolate the test case that is causing it.

Thank you. I was able to isolate the test case that caused the problem (and eventually eliminate that test case), but I am still baffled. I don't see anything wrong with that test case, though there must be something! Anyway, thanks again.

Is you package open source? Can you share the test case that caused trouble?

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