Console Autocomplete Conflict with GUI Update Packages

Under 1.2 and 1.3 versions of the RStudio Desktop IDE (MacOS), I have an odd and most frustrating behavior when running Tools::Update Packages. When there are packages for which sources are newer than the CRAN binaries, a console prompt appears asking me to choose yes or no to compile from source. All good so far, but attempting to answer the question almost always triggers the console autocomplete routines (which I have enabled, as they're generally awesome) and the {{yesno}} package gets triggered.

The net result is I check for new packages, attempt to say "yes" to the install from source prompt, and RStudio fills in yesno::yesno almost instantly which I either have to correct or the prompt fails (understandably). This is compounded by the prompt for installing from source being so long that it usually exceeds my default console width, so this whole autocomplete is often obscured by being scrolled off the edge of the console.

Is there a way to tell RStudio not to autocomplete this UI prompt?

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