Consistency of MLEs - Shiny Contest Submission

Consistency of MLEs

Authors: Mateo Ochoa Medina, Freddy Hernandez Barajas

Abstract: Users will see a brief description about the app and several inputs, which allows them to interact to it. Moreover, there are three graphs and the mathematical proof of the consistency of maximum likelihood estimators (MLEs).

Full Description: This Shiny app is created to illustrate the consistency of the maximum likelihood estimations for the Geometric, Poisson and Exponential distributions.

The short explanation is about how the app works and what components the users can find in order to interact to it, such us options to select a sample size, a probability distribution, its parameter and a delta value. Additionally, the purpose of the first two graphs is to depict the log-likelihood function with a green and red area and show how many times the MLE is within or outside an interval. The last one is a barplot, which indicates the proportions relate to the ocurrence of these two cases. Finally, the app presents the proof of consistency of MLEs to support mathematically above illustration.

Keywords: MLE, estimations, asymptotic
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Repo: GitHub - fhernanb/mles: Repository with the R code for the shiny app
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