Connections tab and ODBC on MacOS

How do people with Macs set up data sources in ODBC on a Mac to connect to a PostgreSQL database? What do you download and install so that the "Connections" tab in RStudio can connect to a PostgreSQL database?

Have you seen the documentation at Specifically, the following pages might help with your question:

Yeah - I found that after I posted the question. It's not linked from anywhere obvious in RStudio and Google didn't turn it up.

I found this blogpost to be very useful while setting up Postgres on Linux, but seeing that MacOS is still Unix-based, I believe it was working for Mac as well.

What I also found is that ODBC didn't work quite well with Postgres. Specifically, I had an issue that all long character columns were being cut off after 512 (or 1024, I don't remember) characters. This didn't happen with RPostgres. One more thing that kept happening with ODBC is that I would quite regularly click somewhere on "Connections" pane and then R/RStudio would try to load gigantic table in memory and eventually crash. This, of course, wouldn't happen with RPostgres for the simple reason that there is nothing to click :slight_smile:

But having "Connections" pane is really useful, I agree, so maybe for you those drawbacks are not that important.