Connections pane UX is missing?

I deleted a connection from the connections pane, Rstudio froze and and I had to kill the process. When I reloaded the IDE the connection pane UX was gone. Here's a screen shot. I've googled, read the troubleshooting docs, and tried everything I can think of. I downloaded and reinstalled the IDE, switched themes, but nothing is working. All the other panes work fine and it doesn't impact my work (except for the ease of having my connections in one place). But it's odd and I'd love to fix the problem if possible. I'm using a MBP 2017, running OS X 10.15.5


Thanks in advance.

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Since it seems like no one else dealt with this issue I uninstalled Rstudio. The first couple times I did it the problem was still there. Finally, I deleted all the hidden folders and config file. That did the job.


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