Connection to Access-database not showing in RStudio


I have two different computers, both with R and RStudio installed.
If I run RStudio (2021.09.1/Build 372) with R 64bit (4.1.29 on Computer A, I can see and connect to the 32bit MS Access database connections.
If I run RStudio, I only see the 32 bit MS Access database connections when I run RStudio with R 32bit (RStudio Version 1.4.1106, R 4.0.4; I can't update these due to firm restrictions).

Any idea why this might be the case?

The 64-bit version of R can't work with a 32-bit database driver, the architectures have to match, so you need a 32-bit version of R too. This is not related to the RStudio IDE.

So why does it work on my Computer A with R 64bit? And why are the 32bit connections showing up in RStudio and not on computer B?

Maybe because you also have a 64-bit odbc driver installed on that computer, I might be wrong but I think the odbc driver architecture is independent from the database engine architecture (i.e. MS Access). At least that is the case when working with RDBMS.

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